Vicki Sawyer

The Vicki Sawyer Pillow Collection is exclusively made by Eric & Christopher in Bucks County, PA. The Collection was launched in July 2019, and includes eight of Sawyer’s designs that we transformed into beautifully screen printed pillows.

When I was a little girl, my grandfather taught me how to identify the plants on our walks in the woods. My mother’s childlike joy in even the simplest things taught me to be visually aware. From my dad I received my love for birds.

My childhood delight for appreciating the little things turned into a degree in art. From there it was off to work as a graphic artist, and then years of designing dolls and painting hundreds of murals in New York as my husband and I raised a family. Most of the murals I painted featured birds, insects, animals, grasses, and wildflowers. Painting murals gave me an opportunity to display the images I loved as a child.

Shortly after moving to Tennessee, I went for a walk and thought, “If birds could build nests, then they could make hats.” This whimsical notion has been the inspiration for many bird and animal portraits. 

Although I paint on canvas now instead of walls and ceilings, my goal has not changed. I want my work to evoke feelings of peace, joy, and often humor. If I can move someone with my art, then I have achieved my ultimate aim: to serve.

How did this collaboration come to fruition?

Vicki Sawyer is an artist who Eric has admired for many years, and when she walked into our showroom in Atlanta in January 2019, we thought he was going to faint! Vicki introduced herself, and said she was at the show to visit some of her vendors who carry her artwork. She asked us in her genuinely kind demeanor if we would ever work with other artists to create curated pillow collections.

We excitedly said yes, and that we would love to explore some ideas with her on creating the first-ever Vicki Sawyer Collection by Eric & Christopher. When we returned from the show, Vicki sent us photos of her favorite paintings, and then a few more, and a few more! We could sense her excitement for this new collection, and we love all of her work; it was difficult to choose which pieces would make it into her debut! 

One thing that struck us about Vicki was her willingness to allow other artists to put their own spin on her original artwork. She also shares our love for art, and making a quality product that evokes a sense of emotion. When we heard her say that her goal is to evoke feelings of peace, joy and humor through her artwork, we knew it was meant to be.  

We hope you enjoy this new collection!


E & C