The Mandy Martin Collective

The Mandy Martin Collective is made by Eric & Christopher in Bucks County, PA. The Collective includes decorative pillows, zippered pouches, flower totes, wine totes, and tea towels!

Mandy Martin is an award-winning artist. She creates vibrant paintings to capture the imagination and bring a sense of joy and delight. 

Mandy resides in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She is known to take inspiration from the region’s wildflowers and landscapes for her paintings.


How did this collaboration come to fruition?

On a sunny autumn afternoon in Sellersville, PA, Chris attended a local, outdoor arts festival where he was stopped in his tracks by the bright and beautiful artwork by artist, Mandy Martin. He chatted with Mandy for a bit and bought a few of her prints to take home. He found a spot in his studio for the new prints and just kept thinking, “I want to work with this artist. Her paint strokes are bold but delicate. The colors are so bright and cheerful. These prints bring me so much joy, and I want to share that with others.”

That was in 2018, and in 2021, the true collaboration began. Chris and the team at Eric & Christopher worked with Mandy to transform her artwork into beautiful screen-printed pillows, tea towels, zippered pouches, wine totes and flower totes.

Mandy says:

“Poppies symbolize resilience, and this collection brings a sense of regeneration and hope. I am endlessly inspired by the botanical world, and abstract shapes in the background evoke sun-drenched summer memories. I wanted to infuse the paintings with joy!”

From two artists who love nature and are inspired by it, we bring to you the first Mandy Martin Collective by Eric & Christopher.