The stories behind the art
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The Fine Art of Eric Fausnacht
Original Oil Paintings and Screen Prints by Christopher Kline
...and so the story continues
Eric and Christopher begin the creative process with a client meeting
“Most of our adoring clients just happen to be raised on farms and honestly each excursion ends up being an adventure in and of itself.”
Eric and Christopher share their work, client meetings and travels below.
Horse with Patricia A. Griffin
Today we went to visit our artist friend Patti Griffin who just happens to live on a farm. Here's a fun little fact that we recreated for the cameras. The television show, Mr. Ed, would put peanut butter in Mr. Ed's mouth to get him to talk.....[more]
NAME: Malakai
AGE: 20+
BREED: Draft Horse
Cedric the sheep with Patricia A. Griffin
The first few days he was so lonely that we attached a stuffed sheep head too a wagon, put a wool blanket over it and Cedric would follow it everywhere......[more]
NAME: Cedric
AGE: 4 years
BREED: Dorset