How do we get such adorable images and how do they get on to your pillows?

Christopher Kline Screen Printing
Eric Fausnacht Screen Printing

Eric (bottom image) owns a small farm in Bucks County and has some of our animals at his disposal. We take hundreds and thousands of photographs which get whittled down to our final images. From these select images we do some photo manipulation both digitally and by hand to get them closer to what you see on our pillows. We know the image is just right when we can not stop laughing or our animal friend is just too darn cute. This is probably our "secret" ingredient in the process - HAVE FUN! Once that threshold has been achieved it's time to get to work....

...*whockchu!* (whip cracking)

This is where Chris (top image) takes the image and preps it for its journey to be hand screen printed. Upon completing the screen print process the images and fabric swatches are then sewn by Eric, getting them ready to insert the pillow blanks.

When we started Eric and Christopher our goal was to enjoy our creative talents that we both have while bringing something to our clients that could easily engage them and was affordable. Something we both could take part in making, working together and sharing ideas. We hope you find our pillows bring a smile to your heart and are something you can enjoy with others in your life.