Life is Better Local

‘Life is Better Local’ came to me while on our physical and emotional journey in creating the new Kospia Farms. After spending many years traveling in the corporate world, life at the farm proved to be just what I needed and longed for. Hard work, hands to the earth, and a strong relationship with our local friends, businesses and community. It’s not just a phrase; it’s how we live.

Maureen Kospiah


“Life is Better Local” is a lifestyle brand focused on creating a community allegiance to support local products and services.

How did this collaboration come to fruition?

In June 2015, Jenna (our fabulous go-to for everything from sales to customer service and marketing) got a call from a friend of hers who she worked with several years back at a global electronics company. Her friend was so excited to share with her that he recently visited another former co-worker’s farm in Alburtis, PA, and he said, “You have to call her. I think Eric & Christopher products would sell great at her farm.” Jenna picked up the phone to reconnect with Maureen Kospiah who she hadn’t talked to in years, and the two discovered there was definitely an opportunity there.

Maureen brought her husband Barry to our warehouse in Perkasie within a few weeks of chatting with Jenna, and Maureen pitched us on the idea of creating a collection surrounded by this concept, “Life is Better Local.” Maureen’s passion was evident for supporting small businesses, local artists, local bakeries, local restaurants, farmers, family owned wineries and members of her community. We agreed that a Life is Better Local Collection would support our branding in working with hundreds of small business owners across North America. We loved the concept, and started brainstorming ideas with Maureen on what the first images would be.

Maureen expressed how she wanted the images to make you feel a sense of warmth, nostalgia and happiness. We try to achieve that in every image we make for the collection, and the first image printed was the old farm truck with an American flag on it. It’s based on a real photograph we took, and we have expanded the collection to include 6 different designs  on 19 different products.

To us, Life is Better Local means:

    • Building community connections
    • Driving community engagement
    • Creating a synergy among neighbors

Let’s continue to spread the message that Life is Better Local!


The E & C Team